Tree Pruning


Get the most out of your trees, both ascetically and functionally, by removing unhealthy and dangerous limbs. This encourages healthy growth and mitigates hazards, and leaves your trees looking great, guaranteed. We have several different pruning options. depending on your situation, goals and budget. We can find a solution that works for you. We can do anything from large scale property pruning to small single tree trims and everything in between. With current changes to our environment and pollutants in our air it is more important than ever to keep our trees and forests in optimum health. That all starts with regular pruning and tree maintenance. Give us a call for a free assessment, and we look forward to making your trees look beautiful.

Tree Removals


Be it dead, dying or dangerous, occasionally it's just time to see a tree go. We at Tree Works would love to quickly and safely remove any tree, no matter how big or small using top of the line equipment and techniques. We are one of few local tree care professionals who come equipped with our own crane and bucket truck for large removals, and always ensure a clean and complete job site. By using our crane we can do large removals with almost no impact to the surrounding property. Once the tree is removed you have the option to leave the remaining stump, or have it ground out and the grindings removed. All quotes include all material removed, chipped and recycled unless otherwise specified. Please give us a call for a free estimate at (970)286-9998.

Large Scale Maintenance

For larger scale developments, management companies, and HOAs, we offer flat rate pruning solutions, and will happily work to accommodate your needs. For example some of our large scale clients include Rams Village Apartments, Miramont Apartments, Rams Crossing Apartments, North Star Mobile Home Park, and several other HOA's and large scale management services. Some of these accounts have over 500 trees all needing regular pruning and maintenance. We provide free estimates, long term maintenance, and full property tree inventory and assessment at no charge. So please give us a call at (970)286-9998, and we look forward to working with you.

Hazard Assessment


If your concerned a tree may pose a risk to persons or property, or high winds or ice could cause a tree or branch to fail, we offer free risk assessment and estimates, helping you make informed decisions, and choose the proper course of action at no charge. Should you decide preventative steps need to be taken we are always ready to mitigate and dangerous situation right away, weather it's a large rotten tree handing over your house, a broken limb over your parking area to dead pines around your house posing future wild fire risks. We are here to assess the risk of a situation based on many different variables, then we help you come up with an plan of action. When you're ready, we will remove the existing threat so you can have safety and peace of mind. In the event of severe ice and wind storms, tornadoes, and tree or branch failure we are available for 24 hour emergency service.